Office/Schoolroom Reno {by JKS & Co}

I wanted to share a gorgeous space that was renovated and styled by my good friends at JKS & Co. My friend Janelle is part of the husband and wife team, and they do AMAZING work, as you’ll see by these photos.

They started their company earlier this year, and I see so much success in their future! Janelle is a gifted designer with an eye for making a space feel cozy and loved, but also functional and timeless. Her husband Jake is a master craftsman and can build just about anything. His attention to detail is so evident in all of their projects.jks9jks8

They used my “Hope is an anchor for the soul” sign, and you can find it in my website here.


Isn’t the room just beautiful??

You can find more info on JKS & Co. on their website and on their Facebook page. They are local to my area (Lancaster, PA), and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Photos by Italian Lane Photography.

8 thoughts on “Office/Schoolroom Reno {by JKS & Co}

  1. Aimee you are awesome and a true inspiration. I have followed you since you adopted sawyer and I anxiously look for your posts weekly. Your love of our lord and family makes this 70 year old grandmother smile. I love your new home and l you do for your beautiful family. Please continue to bake my day.
    Merry Christmas to you all

  2. I love your work and loving watching you flip your house, I plan on homeschooling and IO want our room to look this way, so pretty and functional. you inspire so many women. Keep up the hard work.

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