5 Things

Because my brain is feeling scattered and disorganized, here are some randoms going on in my life right now…

1. “So, how are you doing?” It’s a question I get asked probably every day and, honestly, most times I do not know what to say. My canned answer is “Overall, we are doing really well!”. Truthfully, it has been hard. Nothing about adoption is easy. Sawyer has been adjusting and bonding better than I ever hoped or expected, but it has still been a challenge. A friend passed this blog post along to me last week, and it puts into words exactly how I am feeling. Lots of mixed emotions. But I am confident and very hopeful that we will all adjust as time goes on.PicMonkey Collage

2. Because Sawyer loves to be outside, I have been spending so much time working on my patio and freshening up outdoor tables and chairs with paint and newly covered cushions. blog3I planted a teensy tiny garden a few weeks ago. It’s been like a little bit of therapy for all of us to be outside. And, hello Spring. It is gorgeous here right now.blog2

3. I’ve been working on some acrylic paintings on canvas lately. Nothing fancy, but I’m loving the practice and challenge of doing something new.IMG_1410

4. Autobiographies are probably my favorite kind of books to read and I just finished this one by Julie Andrews. People are so fascinating, aren’t they? I love reading behind-the-scenes stories that people have.blog

I also just read “Unbroken” while we were in China, and it was fantastic. A movie just came out based on the book, which I haven’t seen yet. It’s on my list though. Have you seen it?blog2

5. Our bathroom has looked like a sad construction zone for months, and now we (husband) finally has the time to finish it. YAY. Here it is in its current state.blog4

Isn’t it lovely? (or not) I will share “afters” when it’s finished. I’m thinking pale gray walls, pretty new fixtures and some fun artwork. I love having a project like this to work on.

5 thoughts on “5 Things

  1. Aimee, I’m a “Bethany Mama” of two beautiful daughters. You are right it is hard. It is frustrating. It is an adjustment. Please be gentle with yourself. A new normal takes time and sometimes it takes longer than we think it should. As you well know from your other children the days are long and the years are short. God Bless!

  2. I understand and relate to your attachment journey well. I went through post-adoption depression, but didn’t even know what that was, and wasn’t willing to be open about my lack of feeling with anyone, which only made the problem worse. Good for you being brave enough to be honest from the start. Community is key! Attachment has been harder for me than for my daughter, which is something I never expected. Being able to share the struggle with other moms who get it has been a major source of encouragement and hope. I will be praying for you!
    P.S. Here’s a guest blog post I wrote about this a few years ago. I’ve written more about it on my blog, if you ever need another place to get an honest, hopefully encouraging viewpoint. 🙂

  3. Autobiographies are my favorite too! Thanks for the recommends~ On the adoption note~ Hang in there mama. Attachment is hard but oh so sweet….. hugs, lora

  4. Yes, my husband and I recently watched “unbroken”…absolutely incredible how someone could endure all that he did and live to tell about it!! Definitely an edge of your seat movie, I hope you get the opportunity to watch it someday soon! 🙂

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