Gallery Wall

When I re-painted the stairway a few weeks ago, I decided to take down the artwork in our family room and freshen it up a bit. You would not BELIEVE the number of nail holes in my walls. I mean, it’s a little bit ridiculous. But it’s nothing that a little quick-drying spackling and some paint can’t fix in a hurry.Gallery wall Gallery wall 3 Gallery wall 2

I used some of the same frames I used before, but got new photos printed. I shopped my attic for more frames and a mirror. I found the white flower at Goodwill. It is a ceramic piece that was green and had a chip in it. I spray painted it white, and it was magically transformed. The power of spray paint, people. It works wonders.Gallery wall 8 Gallery wall 7Gallery wall 9 Gallery wall 3The family room feels so much more fresh and cozy now. Just in time to add some Christmas sparkle! I’m not a huge holiday decorator and always wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the Christmas decorations. I love Thanksgiving so much (it’s my favorite) and I hate to rush past it. What about you? Are you like me or is your tree already up?

*The personalized oar is available in my shop here.

2 thoughts on “Gallery Wall

  1. Aimee – I am totally with you! I love decorating for fall. Thanksgiving gets overlooked. But it is the best holiday EVER! This year I have refuse to play Christmas music until AFTER Thanksgiving.

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