Autumn around the house

Tonight is our little town’s annual parade, and it feels like fall is officially here! I like to keep things very simple when I’m decorating for the different seasons. For fall this year, I mostly just bought pumpkins, cut hydrangeas, branches, and fountain grass from the back yard, and used some wood crates.

This is our little side porch…Aimee Weaver fall1 Aimee Weaver fall2 Aimee Weaver fall3 Aimee Weaver fall6 Aimee Weaver fall7

And our front entry…Aimee Weaver fall16 Aimee Weaver fall15

And inside the house…
Aimee Weaver mantle 1 Aimee Weaver mantle 3 Aimee Weaver mantle 4 Aimee Weaver mantle 5 Aimee Weaver mantle 6 Aimee Weaver mantle 7 Aimee Weaver fall10 Aimee Weaver fall11 Aimee Weaver fall12 Aimee Weaver fall13 Aimee Weaver fall9Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and I’m determined to enjoy it before the weather turns really cold, and the winter coats need to come out!

7 thoughts on “Autumn around the house

  1. Fall is one of my favorite seasons too, and you shared yours beautifully and creatively! I enjoyed seeing each one of the vignettes you put together. I like the simple reminder to “be grateful”.

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