Easy Summer Skirt

I was browsing a local fabric outlet (this one) last week searching for fabric to re-do a flower girl dress that I had ordered for Violet, and I happened to see some beautiful Ralph Lauren floral fabric that I couldn’t resist.

I decided to use part of the fabric to sew a super-easy skirt for me. I already had the striped elastic for the waistband from another project. I followed this basic tutorial, but sewed the skirt directly onto the elastic instead of hiding the elastic, making it even easier and less time-consuming. It literally took me about 45 minutes to make it.

I haven’t sewn anything for quite a while, and it’s been so much fun to break out the machine and make a couple of things! skirt1 skirt2 skirt3The necklace is from my friend Wanda’s shop, the top is a yard sale find made by Loft, and the shoes were found at Goodwill originally from Target. 

Yay for summertime and easy-breezy skirts!

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