Some new signs and an sisterly interview

sign all of my life1

I added a few new signs to the shop this morning. This particular one was a custom order and isn’t in the shop, but if you are interested in more info, send me an email:

sign all of my life2

sign all of my life5

sign bass family4
This family sign is available in the shop here.

sign bass family1

sign in the morning1
And this one is available here.

sign in the morning3

Last week my sister Sara and I were interviewed for an article in the online magazine The Neighborlies. We talk about being entrepreneurs, how our parents influenced us, and who inspires us. We spent most of the time during the interview being dumb and laughing, but we managed to say a few intelligent things (I hope). Read it here.



I am seriously dreaming of spring-time and planting flowers and deciding if I’m going to plant a garden this year. How about you?

22 thoughts on “Some new signs and an sisterly interview

  1. You are both so beautiful!!! Aimee..I have yet to own a piece of your work but I have seen it and it’s outstanding! And having coffee at new Holland coffee co. Is on my to do list:) I’ve heard great things about it! Keep up the amazing work you two!!!

  2. I love your signs, they are beautiful!!! I was wondering if you could please share
    what fonts you used on the “In the morning when I rise give me Jesus” sign?
    I think its gorgeous!!! Thank you & God Bless!!

  3. Aimee – your work is so cool! I have enjoyed reading updates about both your business and your family – you are inspiring! God bless you guys! 🙂

  4. Aimee…. Love the look of your signs!! Am in the process of doing something with a bunch of pallets myself. Am just now figuring out what I want…word wise. With scripture and worship there is so much to choose from!! Anyway, can I ask..what font sizes you usually default to? Is there a go to font for you? And have you found any two font’s script and handwritten that complement each other well??

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  6. I love your website I use to do alot of crafts but kindof got bored with what I was making it was years ago when I was younger and had small children. Now I do jewelry and I don’t sell I just give it for gifts and I wear what I make. But I love what you do the sign that says (In the morning when I rise give me Jesus) I remember the song I am also a christian and Love Jesus. I have been to Lancaster years ago my sister lived near there we went into one of the houses where the lady pinned her dress on and pulled her hair back so tight her part was a half inch wide it was so interesting her husband made wicker chairs and she made bread and grew plants it was very interesting. Anyway just wanted you to know that I love your work and would love to know what the sign costs? The one I put into parenthases sp? Thankyou so much

  7. Oh, my goodness, Aimee, I am SO grateful that I “stumbled” on your site today! I adore your work in your signs and everything! I signed up for your emails because I hope to purchase one or more of your things as soon as I can. Thank you so much for sharing these online. You are SO talented and blessed by God.

  8. How much is the “family” sign? Does it come in different finishes? Our daughter got married in Aug. 2015 and I would love to give this to her and her husband for Christmas.

  9. hi aimee, in the morning when i rise give me jesus… do u know the name of the song this quote comes from? it is a favourite song of mine from a very long time ago but cant seem to locate artist or cd i once used to listen to it on. google searches, youtube searches, come up with nothing. i love your blog. God bless you:)

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