God’s not dead, He’s surely alive

I am ashamed to say that I am a skeptic. I don’t have as much faith as I should. When I hear people talk about God doing miraculous things, I usually think, “Well, that may have been a miracle. OR it might just have been a coincidence.”.  In the past year, God has shown me (practically hitting me over the head) that HE WORKS IN US. He can CHANGE US. Change our desires. Change our thoughts. Change our attitudes.

Here is my story…

At the beginning of last year, my husband felt a stirring in his heart for adoption. He and I had never discussed adoption, and he didn’t think that it would be something that I would consider. He decided not to discuss it with me, and asked God to put it on my heart, if it was something that our family should pursue.

mon3 (3)

About six months later, while following adoption stories like Ashley’s and Shannan’s, a thought popped into my mind. Would we be able to adopt a child? And the answer in my head was a resounding “No way!”. It would be too hard. We’re not qualified. I’m not a good enough mom. No. Way.

A week later, the thought popped into my head again like an annoying fly buzzing around my head. This time I considered it for more than a second, but I said “No way!” again. This continued for weeks. And then a funny thing started to happen. God started to soften my heart toward adoption. I began to realize that God doesn’t need us to be perfect parents. He doesn’t expect perfection.  His heart for orphans is so evident, and I knew that somehow He wanted us to be involved in helping kids who needed us. And after a while, despite many, many fears, I knew what He was asking us to do.

When I finally told husband my thoughts, we were AMAZED that God had been working on both of our hearts at the same time. Only He could do that. It wasn’t a coincidence. It wasn’t chance. God made it so clear to us that our family needed to grow through adoption.

(Sidenote: Can I just tell you what a truly awesome and patient husband I have? He knew from the beginning that the only way I would be willing to do this would be if God put it on my heart. He didn’t force the issue on me. He didn’t lecture me about what we should do. He didn’t get impatient. He waited on God. Amazing.)


We signed with an adoption agency called Bethany Christian Services last December and have been working on our home study since then. We took several months off the process when hubs quit his job and starting working with me full-time, and now we are nearing the end of our home study.

It has not been easy. There were some very dark days of anxiousness, doubting, and the two of us not being on the same page with the direction we felt like we should take. The struggle has been so good for us to go through as a couple. It has tested us to the core and made us stronger.

mon2 (3)

Ultimately, we chose to do an international adoption through China. We are looking forward to adding another BOY to our family! He will likely be between one and two years old. There are so many unknowns that we still face, but we are excited to grow our family and see what God has in store for us. He is our Provider, our Refuge, our Hope, our Father.

I’ll keep you updated on the adoption process on the blog and if you have questions, please ask! I know how helpful it was for me to read other bloggers’ adoption journeys, so I want to share ours with you, too. And if you have adopted or are in the process like we are, share your story with me!  I’d love to hear it.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the blog title, I’ll tell you a little bit about it. Last year when I started realizing that God was changing my heart and my desires, I kept hearing the Newsboys song “God’s not dead”, which talks about God living inside us and changing us. I felt like the words were talking about me.

Here are the lyrics…

Let love explode and bring the dead to life
A love so bold
To see a revolution somehow
Now I’m lost in Your freedom
In this world I’ll overcome

My God’s not dead
He’s surely alive
He’s living on the inside
Roaring like a lion

Let hope arise and make the darkness hide
My faith is dead I need resurrection somehow
Now I’m lost in Your freedom
In this world I’ll overcome

My God’s not dead
He’s surely alive
He’s living on the inside
Roaring like a lion

On one of my darkest days of doubting what God was calling us to do, I opened up Facebook and the first post I saw was someone who had posted the lyrics to the song. Over and over, God has given me reassurances that He is with us, and we can put our confidence and trust in Him. We are so excited to see how God will use this to change us and  open our eyes to the things He cares about. Oh, and we are also excited to love on that perfect little boy who is waiting for us!

So, why did we decide to adopt? The simple answer is this: Because He asked us to. How could we possibly say no?

28 thoughts on “God’s not dead, He’s surely alive

  1. Oh my goodness! I am so incredibly excited for you, Aimee, and your family. What a neat family to be adopted into. You will be in my prayers for sure as you venture forward. My heart is just pounding so fast with excitement at the news!

  2. Love! Love! Love! So excited for you guys as you experience the wonderful joys of adoption! No you don’t have to be perfect to adopt (I am a testimony to that)! And you and Merle will be so amazed at the love you will feel when your little boy is placed in your arms for the first time. It’s a long journey to get there but so worth it in the end. Blessings my friend! Scott and I are thrilled for you!

  3. God’s work is so beautiful! I loved this story. Brought tears to my eyes. I pray that God would continue to speak to both of your hearts and give you a beautiful little boy to love.

  4. Welcome to the amazing world of adoption! We have been blessed to adopt twice (and Lord willing three times after this coming Wednesday [happy, happy dance!]) through the foster care system. I love the picture that adoption gives us of God’s amazing grace! Blessings as you move forward with God’s plan for your family!

  5. wow Wow WOW!! That is awesome news Amiee! And I so love your story and how God did his amazing work in you both! And lastly you ARE qualified, because you give your all to God, your husband, and your kids! Can’t wait to meet the next member of your family 🙂

    • It was a decision that was very hard for us to make. Ultimately, we felt like adopting from China was the best choice for our family and what God wanted us to do. There are thousands of children all over the world who need loving families and we hope to make a difference with one.

  6. This makes my heart soar! I’ve been an admirer of your work for some time. Hubby and I build and paint signs as supplemental income and as a way to pay off some adoption debt. 🙂 None nearly as beautiful as yours! We have two daughters by birth, a son from Thailand (“the Thai Tornado”), a son from China in Heaven, and our newest son, also from China (“the little prince”). Our lives are busy, our house is loud and our hearts are full. God is so very good.

    I’m so happy for you! And yay for choosing a boy! There are sooooo many boys in China who need families too. One day, I think we will go back for a girl though. 😉

    And if you’re like so many of us adoptive parents, and can’t get enough of the “gotcha day videos”, here’s ours. We just celebrated one year with our Gabe. 🙂 You will love China!

    For His fame~


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  8. Aimee- I’m so excited for you! We have recently decided to adopt as well. We are nearing completion of our home study and are eager to be one step closer to our next little one. We are adopting domestically and will be joyfully reading along as you share your story. Congratulations, your next little one is so lucky! Blessings to you-

  9. So happy you are adopting! I remember you from days long ago @ WMS. I love your signs & your sister’s coffee shop. My husband & I are also adopting a little boy from China through BCS! We are headed to China in November. I hope we have the chance to meet & chat sometime @ NHCC! May God bless your endeavors!

  10. Aimee, I contacted you about a year ago in-regards to one of your signs. At the time you said you would accept new orders after the holidays. Life happens and I forgot to check back with you. This morning I saw a pin one of my friends had made…it was a beautiful sign. I clicked on the site and it brought me back to you. I call this a God wink. I started to read your blog and saw your post about adoption. I’m blessed, I received the gift of motherhood through adoption. I began reading about your journey. Adoption is a beautiful, and at times difficult journey. I like to think of it as the labor of my heart. We have two beautiful “Bethany Babies” at our house! Another “God wink” (I love how He always lets us know His hand is working in our lives by these little winks). Bethany Christian Services is an amazing organization! My best advice is ( it is easier said than done) in those moments of doubt reaffirm “His will done in His time”. It is an amazing journey. If I can answer any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Blessings

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  12. I lost your blog somehow. I’m so excited to hear you are adopting! My sister joined our family from India and it was such an exciting process to be a part of. Ev-er-y-bod-y gets to wait for their sibling to be born at the hospital. How many people get to sit on the fight deck in NYC waiting for their little sister’s plane to touch down so they can meet her for the very first time??? May God bless the entire process! Adoption “pregnancy” can be really long, and as stressful as going over due! 🙂

  13. Hello 🙂 I use to read your blog but somehow had lost the link. Out of the blue I thought of your blog last night and searched and found it this am. I wasn’t sure why…a sign maybe (the kind you buy not the kind from God, LOL) but now I know! You are adopting!!! So are we!!! 🙂 🙂 Our journey is very different from yours but adoption is beautiful no matter what the story!! We are in our late forties and are in the final (court) stage of adopting a beautiful 4 1/4 year old girl from India. Congrats! I look forward to watching your journey unfold.

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  15. Adoption is a journey to walk wiht the Lord through the highs and low. I wrote today about our beloved Amy’s gotcha day in China15 years ago today. Hope you might be encouraged by it.

  16. Aimee, it was our first adoption that deleted the word coincidence from my life. God was the only reasonable answer to how this beautiful little girl came could come into our lives. The odds of this perfect timing could only be because of God. You are a faithful servant… “His will be done”.
    Shelley- a mom also blessed by Bethany Christian Services

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