Shop Update


I added a few new pieces of art to the shop this morning! Here is one of my very favorites…Image

I was experimenting using stain instead of paint (for the map) and, luckily, I love how it turned out. I want to try using stain as a painting method again. It’s so much fun to try new things! The wood is just so beautiful on this, too. It has the original antique rounded nails and finished so beautifully. It’s available here.

I had been offering the “Blessing” sign (below) in canvas, but it is now available in wood as well! It’s perfect for a kitchen or dining area. You can purchase it here.



I have this “Live in the sunshine” sign currently hanging in my family room. I love the dark wood with the white lettering, and it reminds me that summer isn’t over yet! It is customizable with any color you choose!Image



And here are a few custom signs that I shipped out recently…ImageImageImageImage

This “Grateful” sign is customizable and I love how it looks in this dark turquoise color!Image

Our church recently built a new facility, and I created some artwork that hangs in the entry and restrooms…ImageImageImageImageImage


This was an exciting morning as we sent Avery off to second grade! She was beaming from the moment she woke up until she waved bye from the school bus. She is a champ at making new friends and couldn’t wait to start the school year. So now a new chapter begins, and I feel ready. Time for new routines, a little more structure, and relishing the summertime sunshine just a little bit longer.

Have a wonderful week, friends! (I may be back on Wednesday for some “what I wore” time. Can you believe it? It’s been way too long. I’m sure you’ll be in pins and needles til then. HA)

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