How to get oversize photos {for super cheap}

I’ve seen these ideas a lot on Pinterest, and finally took the time to make it happen.
There is a really easy and very inexpensive way to hang large photos in your home. Here is how I did it. I ordered 24″ x 36″ engineering prints through and picked them up at my local Staples store. You can upload your photos onto their website, and it’s a really easy process to order them.
Engineering prints aren’t meant to be used for photos, however, they are actually really great quality for the price. One 24″ x 36″ is a little over $3.00. Yes, only $3.00! They come in a variety of sizes.
To mount the photos, I used spray adhesive and that worked really well. For this photo in Avery’s room, I mounted the photo onto an old canvas I found in the attic. 


And I hung this recent family photo in our front entry. I mounted the photo onto an old window I had.

And I mounted this photo onto a wood painting that I wasn’t using. It helps to mount it to a very smooth surface like wood or glass. 

So, there you have it. Go order an engineering print!
Sorry about the lack of posting recently. I have so much on my to-do list that sometimes I feel like I can barely breath. Lots of signs to be done for Christmas, events I’m helping with, things I want to accomplish. Shockingly, almost all of my shopping is done (I am a last minute person) and my Christmas decorations are all hung. Whew. I will show you some pictures of my holiday-ifyed house soon. I promise.

11 thoughts on “How to get oversize photos {for super cheap}

  1. Gorgeous! I've seen big photos like this on pinterest as well thinking I'd have to pay a lot. What a steal! By the way, I LOVE all of your artwork. I'm new to following you, and just find your blog so inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Amanda.

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