Snapshots from the Weekend

We are spending some time at my parents’ beach house in Delaware, and, in case you can’t tell from the pictures, we are having some fun in the sun!

Lots of cousin-time (7 kiddos ages 7 and under can be a bit much at times!), playing in the sand at the beach, boat rides, grilling, bike rides, ice cream…all add up to a fun summer weekend.

Violet in a baby pool on the porch…

Taking walks on the docks…

Miss Violet just can’t handle all the action…

Avery trying her hand at crabbing using marshmellows for bait. Needless to say, no crabs were caught.

A beautiful day at the beach with a beautiful little girl – my niece Nya!

My dad took us for a boat ride and Violet is looking awfully concerned.

My sister-in-law Heather who is due with baby #2 in November…

Hope you are enjoying your weekend too!

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