A fun little sewing project

I was in the mood to get my sewing machine out this week and I have a whole list of sewing projects I wanted to try.
I decided to start by making some burp cloths for the babe in some fun colors.
I just love shopping for fabric. My mind starts going in all kinds of directions when I see all the colors and patterns and textures! So many fun things to make – so little time!!
I bought the floral and polka dot corduroy fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby. The striped pink terrycloth side is made from a towel that I bought at Target.
To make the burp cloths, I followed the simple tutorial on Jones Design Company’s blog. And it really IS a very simple project!
To show her gratitude for the burp cloths, babe spit up on me, then gave me a smile.
Oh, glory, how I love that edible little munchkin!
Happy Weekend!

5 thoughts on “A fun little sewing project

  1. they are absolutely adorable! if i was in the baby phase, i would ask you to make some. love it.had to smile/tear up at the last photo of violet. her white outfit is the same outfit we had for logan, to bring him home from the hospital in. unfortunately that didn't happen and instead i believe he was buried in it or something similar.she is a cutie. cherish her, i know you do!

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