Snow Day

Today I will enjoy the beautiful fresh snow.

I will be patient with the children when they misbehave.

I will spend quality time with the kids.

I will take it easy so I’m not completely worn out when hubs comes home from work.

I will not worry about having a perfectly clean & organized house. Because at this stage in the game, it just ain’t gonna happen.

I will make sure my kids know that I love them.

Aaaaand, I will teach Avery how to call the mental hospital, just in case I go insane. Cuz I sorta feel like I might.

So, you know me. I’ve been working on a few side projects, just because it makes me feel sane and it’s just how I roll.

Recently I made the three canvases on the wall behind the chair – I used words that I want our home to reflect “peace”, “rest”, and “joy”.

It was really simple – I just painted the words onto blank canvases. And there you have it.

The pillar was left in our garage by previous owners. Hubs had it in his trailer and was planning on taking it to the dumpster before I spied it and saved it from the junk yard. He wasn’t sure why in the world I would want to keep it, but I think now he’s glad I did!

It’s a cool architectural piece. And I didn’t even paint it! I know, can you believe it?? 🙂

Happy weekend!

9 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I like the blue door too. The kids look great! Violet appears none the worse for her bad experience; thank goodness! As one who has raised her kids already, these years when they are small go FAST; but you can't see that when you are in the middle of it. One day, God willing, when you see–say–Avery's wedding pictures for the first time, your family lined up and looking terrific: then your great accomplishment will be there for all to see. Happy New Year, Aimee.

  2. Love the canvas letters. Love the pillar. Love that cute chair!!I was reading back through your blog and I am so glad the baby is better!! Such a scary feeling. Our son has horrible asthma and we have had 2 very scary visits to the ER and been admitted to the hospital those times with low oxygen levels. I remember the first time he completely stopped breathing and we ran to the truck to take him to the er and he was turning white and his lips were purple and we called 911 and we had an ambulance and a police escort to the hospital so everyone would move and we wouldnt get pulled… I looked at the speedometer while I was holding my lifeless childs body watching my husband hit 120mph driving down the interstate was very scary! I just knew I was going to loose Cameron… very very scary! So glad everything is better!

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