Laundry Chute Cabinet

When we decided to renovate a storage room in our house that looked like this:

and turn it into a nursery that now looks like this:

we discovered that the room was directly above our laundry room. Hubs came up with the fantastic idea to install a laundry chute so that I don’t need to drag the dirty wash from the upstairs to the laundry room which is downstairs and at the back of the house.

So he built a cabinet from scratch and installed it in the nursery as a place to throw the laundry down the chute.

It was a tedious process to make a hole through the concrete floor, but the hubster is very capable and can do just about anything, in my opinion!

I made some labels and used glass knobs that I bought at Hobby Lobby. There’s a slot for light colors, dark colors, and cloth diapers, so it’s already sorted when I need to do the laundry. I feel totally spoiled now when it’s laundry day!


And, of course, I had to do some kind of decorative painting on the cabinet! I was inspired by a design from Uppercase Living and painted it on freehand.

The green color I used to paint the cabinet is called Ivy League by Benjamin Moore.

It was finished just before baby Violet was born, which was perfect timing! And I just love it!

Happy Friday!

13 thoughts on “Laundry Chute Cabinet

  1. Your nursery is so nicely decorated – it's so calm while keeping a lot of fun elements.Can you, um, post photos of the other end of the laundry chute? I'm looking for inspiration on how to nicely handle the one in my own home. Thanks!

  2. The laundry chute cabinet is gorgeous… probably the prettiest made-from-scratch furniture piece I have seen in a long time. Gotta love useful things that loook pretty, too!Carolantiquetexan.blogspot.comP.S. Only 1 day left to enter my CSN giveaway, if you are interested!

  3. WOW! This is one of the coolest things that I have seen in awhile!!! And your ability to handpaint it…..yep, I hate you :)I have a laundry chute. Except it doesnt have a hole that takes it to the laundry room. Its a hamper – hahaha. And for some reason the lids must be broken on all 3 of them because noone seems to be able to make it INSIDE the hamper. LOL

  4. LOVE IT!You are jealous of my skinny-ness and I am jealous of your laundry shoot, I'd die for that. No more Saturday's spent dragging loads of laundry to our basement. Oh sweet heaven!Miss you!(ps – not trying to loss more weight. Saw your comment on the blog. I am still running and the pounds just keep falling off. I guess that is good, but I am trying to figure out how to balance out my weight and not loss any more! Girl, you just had a baby, give it time. you'll get there!)Cheers to being thin again & to laundry shoots! : )

  5. oh Aimee~~first of all i'm so proud of your hubby and this beautiful work of art!! (and the timing of it all)!! No year of waiting for this baby!!Here's to hoping that Jack doesn't get anymore *grand* ideas! Oh dear!!Thinking of you as you adjust to your new normal!! hugs!!!

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