Painting Patterns on Hardwood Floors (or "How I spend My Saturdays")

Ok, so remember how I said a few days ago that painting ceilings is kinda like torture?

I was wrong.

So very wrong.

I learned this weekend that painting diamond patterns on a hardwood floor is much, much closer to torture. Much.

But I got it all DONE!! What a fantabulous feeling. And here’s how I did it…

The floor was previously unpainted hardwood but very worn. I painted the whole thing with B-I-N primer, which is the greatest stuff in the world.

Then I painted the entire floor with two coats of the light color – a very, very light blue. I used Valspar porch and floor paint from Lowes. Will give the colors in another post.

Then came the excruciating part, for me anyway. Because it involved measuring. And math. And being precise. Qualities that I don’t deal with very well. Lucky for me the hubs installs cabinets for a living and was very qualified to help me with this.

We measured out the diamonds using a carpenters straight edge and traced in out on the floor with a pencil. The diamonds are 14″ square.

Then I used Frogtape to tape around each square. This takes a lot of time because each edge has to be very straight. But after I got started and got into a rhythm, it really wasn’t so bad.

All done taping! Hallelujah!! This project involved lots of bending over my 5 month pregnant belly, which wasn’t exactly fun, but I plowed through the aches and pains. And took lots of breaks.

Then I painted every other diamond with the darker blue paint – also Valspar porch and floor paint. I used a brush for the edges and a roller for the larger areas.

Hey, Jack! How’d you get in here?!

He is saying, “Mommy, come play with me. And feed me. My sister and I are tired of Pop-Tarts.”

Poor little guy.

Removing the tape and viola!! It is finished!!

I had to do some touch ups after I removed the tape, but I was surprised how well the tape kept the paint from bleeding through, considering how uneven the boards were.

This was a fairly time-consuming project, but actually didn’t take as long as I thought it would. If it would be a high traffic area, I would apply a sealer yet, but this floor won’t get used that much and I don’t mind if it looks a bit worn. It’ll just add to the look I’m going for.

Now onto the FUN STUFF!! I’m so excited to start moving in furniture and accessorizing!

27 thoughts on “Painting Patterns on Hardwood Floors (or "How I spend My Saturdays")

  1. the floor came out absolutely amazing!! all I have to do now is wait 25 years for my brand new floors to be old and worn enough to want to paint over them, haha!! great job!!

  2. Looks great! I used Frog tape to paint stripes on my daughter's bedroom walls and it worked great. I found the real trick to no bleeding through, even with Frog tape, is to "zip" down the tape nice a tight with the edge of a plastic spackle spatula or a credit card (warning, you will make a sharpened edge on whatever you use – LOL). That would be tough to do on floor boards, but easy to do on a wall. Cannot wait to see the room finished!!!

  3. That is so so beautiful!! Love that on a floor! I've been wanting to do something along those lines in my girls' bedroom, but have been scared to death because of not knowing how to figure out the diamonds!! This gives me an idea, but I think I will still be relying on my husband too!I love your inspiring blog!Blessings! – clarita

  4. AMAZING…I love that. i want to do a ceiling in wood like that- I have a shoppe-with -those funky t-bar ceilings- my hsband and i are going to take out and raise the roof- to a second set of windows- and i want to do wood like that- and painting them what a great idea- But the work-Hmm. not so sure- Great Job..Karryann

  5. Looks Great!!!!! i did harlequins on my hallway way, so i feel ur pain!!!! drew them w pencil, used frog tape (love it), but I taped off every other one and then after they dried, retaped the others to finish….guess I didn't think about taping inside!!! At least that helps me w my next room, which is the floor in my new laundry!! kinda looks like the colors that i have picked out also!! 🙂

  6. Beautiful colour! I'm looking for a grayish-blue to paint some furniture in a bedroom with grayish green stripes. When I painted stripes I read a tip on the net to use a ultra-thin line of caulking along the tape that you eventually paint over. It worked beautifully and I only had one touch-up in the whole room. :)Do you mind sharing the paint colour and the brand you used?

  7. Amazing, fantastic feat indeed! You really went through it all, from painting, to taping, to painting again, and untaping. The pattern design really works on your wood flooring. Tampa is where I'll be going next week because I have to take care of my parents' house, which includes redoing their bedroom floor.Guess I'll also go ahead and paint it all. If I also have the time, I'll also check out some materials from the flooring showroom there.

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