The Nursery Reveal!

Aaahh, the room I have been waiting to show you for over a year!

Yes, it really did take that long to finish (actually, it’s not even quite done yet).

And, no, it was not supposed to take that long. Three months at the most. But you know how it is when you do all the work yourself. Somehow, it just dragged on and on.

I’ll start with some before photos. I must warn you, these are truly heinous. I think when you see them, you’ll understand why.

This little add-on room was used for storage, and we decided that it would make a really cute little nursery. It started off with the typical 70’s paneled walls (no insulation), tiled ceiling, ancient windows, concrete floor, and a door that was unusable.

And here’s what it looks like today, inspired by Layla’s reading room

Some things that we (as in, the ever-so-handy hubs & I) did:

*Ripped out all the paneling and ceiling tiles.
*Installed new windows and repositioned them (had to also replace the siding on the outside of the room)
*Installed new insulation and drywall.
*Re-wired all the electrical.
*Installed carpet (the only room in our house with carpeting, and I must say, even though I like the look of wood floors better, this stuff is so freaking comfortable!)
*Installed beadboard and crown moulding on the ceiling.

The beadboard ceiling is my very favorite feature of the room. Since the ceiling is low and slanted, I wanted it to look like it used to be an old porch and thought the beadboard would really bring out some of the character of the room.

Totally LOVE.IT.

I painted 18″ stripes on the wall using Frogtape to tape off the edges (best stuff ever). The paint colors are Olympic Diamond Mine and Olympic Drifting Dune from Lowes.

Then I painted the lettering on the walls, inspired by the old song “His Eye is on the Sparrow”.

I wanted the room to have a natural, nature-inspired feel and wanted it to be as calm and serene as possible. I know that you’re “supposed” to have bold graphics and colors for a nursery to help with your child’s sensory development, but I was totally selfish and decided that the room would be about what I wanted (aren’t I a baaad mama??).

After all, after delivering a baby and hardly getting any sleep, I’d much prefer calmness and serenity, to bright colors and cartoon characters. Just my opinion.

Carry on.

I had painted this toy chest that I found at Goodwill a while ago. It fits into the room perfectly.

I sketched the tree on to the wall and painted it with acrylic craft paint.

I made the bumper cover using an old white quilted throw and some new green fabric that I sewed together. I also made the dust ruffle using a twin-size white dust ruffle and added the green fabric to the bottom to make it wider.

Almost everything in this room was thrifted or made by me. I found the tab-top Martha Stewart curtains at Goodwill and sewed brown fabric from WalMart to the bottom to make them longer. I used branches I found outside for the curtain rods, adding to the “natural” feel. And, they cost 0 dollars, which is always nice!

For now, Jack is using this room, while I turn his old room into a “big boy” room. Then, when the baby comes in November, this will be his/her room.

I’m still working on the wall that’s not shown, which houses a changing table and some organizational stuff. And hubs is installing a laundry chute…everytime I think of it I hear the angels singing. I am THAT excited!! I am not even kidding!!

The room is teensy-tiny, so it was hard to get good pictures, but you get the idea of what it looks like now. I am in love with it. And so glad to be (almost) done with it! It is a good feeling!

Now, onto Jack’s “big boy” room! I swear, I will never be finished with this house! And that makes me happy! 🙂

“His Eye is on the Sparrow”

Verse 1:
Why should I feel discouraged,
Why should the shadows come,
Why should my heart be lonely
And long for Heav’n and home,
When Jesus is my portion?
My constant Friend is He:
His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He watches me;
His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He watches me.

I sing because I’m happy,
I sing because I’m free,
For His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He watches me.

Verse 2:
“Let not your heart be troubled,”
His tender word I hear,
And resting on His goodness,
I lose my doubts and fears;
Though by the path He leadeth
But one step I may see:
His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He watches me;
His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He watches me.

Verse 3:
Whenever I am tempted,
Whenever clouds arise,
When songs give place to sighing,
When hope within me dies,
I draw the closer to Him,
From care He sets me free:
His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He cares for me.

98 thoughts on “The Nursery Reveal!

  1. I came from Layla's blog… your room is gorgeous and the song you chose is one of my all time favorites. Nicely done! I can't wait to explore the rest of your blog.Be well.Carisa KnoxSout Riding, VA

  2. I just found your blog and it's the first one I ever saw from my area!! I live just off 625, close to Terre Hill! And a very cool blog too,I'll be back! Lucy

  3. New follower from TLC.. Great work. I thought at first it was a pirate theme with "Jack" and "sparrow", from Pirates of the Carribean, LOL. Anyway, it looks beautiful.

  4. You are so talented! Love how the nursery looks. Did you use tree branches for curtain rods or did you buy them. If so, please, please tell us where. Thanks!

  5. This is a beautiful room and what a perfect hymn to put in a child's room! (I am about to tear down ceiling tiles to put up beadboard too.)

  6. LOVE it!! One of my favorite hymns… love the big tree and branches for rods. Always have wanted to do this. So glad Layla shared you with us! Such an inspiration to me.. where can I paint a big tree in my house..hummm Way to go!

  7. I love your nursery! It makes me want redo my son's room. I especially love the words from the hymn…What a great reminder to not only our children but to us as well.

  8. My, oh my…what a creative genius you are and a what hard-working talented husband you have! I can't believe the metamorphosis of this room. Seriously, it could win a contest! I am a new blogger and I found you from another blog who posted on your nursery. I would love to have you stop over and look at my blog: Today, I am posting pics of a project I have in the works–redoing a playroom for my granddaughter and grandson. Meanwhile, the post I have up is of another grandson's first birthday party.

  9. Your room looks amazing! We just did what looks like the same renovation to a space that was our sunporch and is now my office. I moved in last week and I'm in love! My old office is now going to be our nursery in a few years (we hope). Beautiful work!

  10. I love your nursery! I'm pregnant and due in November too!! So I've been starting to look for ideas for a nursery. I don't really like all the crazy bright stuff for the nursery so I'm totally in love with your room makeover! Thanks for sharing. I'm new to your blog and LOVE it! Love your ruffled bag too!

  11. What did you use to attach the wood sticks as curtain rods? I've been looking to do this in my bedroom as I kind of have a tree theme. I live in the high desert so I'm either going to order the branches (i know this pretty much defeats the cheapness of the wood….but i need them pretty long). I'm thinking of using big metal rings. Great Blog!

  12. The room looks so fabulous and peaceful. Makes me kinda wish my two are younger. Layla and Kevin definitely have some great inspiration going on at The Lettered Cottage.Blessings,Lisa

  13. Just darling! You did good girl, and hubs! That song brings me to tears now as it was my Dad's fav and he passed in Feb. But such a fitting sentiment for a little one.Toodles,Laura

  14. Hi Amiee. I just saw your room on Southern Hospitality. It's incredible. You and your husband must be so proud. I'm so envious of your talent. Every detail is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it.Have a fun and safe memorial day weekend.Hugs…Tracy 🙂

  15. I'm so glad I came over to look at your beautiful room! You are very talented and I absolutely love it. The hymn is one of my favorites and I appreciate your sharing the words. Everything is just amazing!Brightest blessings,Pat

  16. I love it! I found you via Layla's blog. I'd love to see a shot of just the ceiling beadboard. I'm thinking about beadborading my boys' bathroom walls but I'm a little worried about the places where the sheets come together.

  17. Hi Aimee! When, I saw your nursery, the first thing that came to my mind is how amazing your choice of colors are. You have a very good eye for interior design. I am in awe when I saw the tree and lettering on the wall. Great job! We, too, are almost done with our nursery construction. What I like most are the cute decorations that my 10 year old daughter made as a gift for her newborn brother. She also helps mommy in polishing the new hardwood (Tampa) flooring. Having a baby is such a happy time for the family.Thanks for sharing this inspiring nursery design, Aimee!

  18. I love Jack's room. The best part are the verses on the wall. Knowing God the Creator is watching over your son gives you peace I am sure. It is a beautiful nursery and very inspiring.

  19. I love this nursery!! I am due in Feb and have been looking everywhere online for good nursery ideas. This is my favorite I love the stripes on the wall. I dont like bright colors and cartoon characters either! I may "borrow" your stripe idea if you do not mind!!

  20. What a beautiful nursery! The colors are amazing. My favorite is the tree on the wall. Such an incredible idea! My wife Kristine is four months pregnant and we're renovating the nursery at the moment. As you can imagine we have men who are in the house doing the remodeling. Minneapolis is our new home and we just moved in three weeks ago. Glad that we have friendly neighbors who suggested these highly skilled remodelers, Minneapolis based. We're definitely right on time to finish the overall project. I can't wait to see the finish room. Thank you so much for the inspiring nursery room idea!

  21. You are so talented. You have inspired me to get back into my blog again. I know my blog is lonely, as I had left it to pursue a new job and then kiddo's started new phases of their lives, kindergarten and another one starting high school. Any how I'm going to get back on it!! Keep up the awesome work, you are amazing!!!

  22. This is so sweet. When I read the words to the song I had tears because I remember my beautiful mother singing this as a solo in church one Sunday when I was little. How precious to bring the song to the nursery. You and your Hubs have done an awesome job. Thanks for sharing and I am going to share with my daughter who is carrying our 4th grandbaby. 🙂 Blessings Janet

  23. Found this through Pinterest, which led me to TipJunkie's main page and I searched for you there….I looooooove this nursery! We're going for a similar look in our nursery, but with light slate-blue walls. I was trying to see where you got your tree from, and I see you painted it!! Since we're renting, we're trying to avoid painting designs on the walls, so I'm either going to use vinyl or fabric ironed onto the wall…but I'm going to use your tree as inspiration!!! Thanks!!! You did a fantastic job!!

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