A Conversation With Rachael

Hello Weaver residence.

This is Rachael?

Rachael who?

Oh, Rachael RAY!

Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually talking to you!

You want me to come to your show?!! Of course I’ll come!

Do you want me to demonstrate how to paint junky stuff?

Or tell people about my Amish childhood?

Or teach people how to change a baby’s diaper while cooking dinner, and talking on the phone, and painting junky stuff all at the same time?

Oh…you don’t want me to actually be on the show. Bummer.

Well, it’ll be fun to be in the audience anyway.

But I’ll have to wait in line for hours? Outside? On the streets of New York? In the dead of winter?

All right, I suppose I’m game.

See you on Thursday Rachael!

6 thoughts on “A Conversation With Rachael

  1. Wait, wait, wait! You didn't mention ANYTHING today about going to see Rachael Ray on Thursday!!! Are you for real going??? That's awesome, and I'm officially jealous. 🙂

  2. You could EASILY do a segment on that show….and the ratings would skyrocket I'm sure.I do so enjoy your blog, Aimee! If you have a sec, skip on over to mine and enter in for a small giveaway that you might like. (it's little, but it's 'new', and 'new' is nice in the dead duldrums of winter).:)Jeane`PS. I was just at two tapings of Kelly and Regis. Fun times! (I tried to be such an animated, fetching audience member, but to no avail. I was not singled out and recruited as a potential fill-in for Kelly whilst she vacations in her Long Island habitat.)

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