Repurposed Window

In the process of demo-ing our storage room, hubs was going to throw out this old window and I just loved it too much to get rid of it.

I was thinking about turning it into wall art, but as I was cleaning it on the porch, I came up with this idea to hang it from the porch ceiling to create a bit more privacy.

I am in love with this climbing rose bush! I just planted it last fall and it’s growing like crazy!

The reason I planted it was to hide the dog-ugly railing that we have. One of these days we’ll replace the railing, but for now it’s one of the many things that are just not in the budget!

Cost for the project = one exasperated hubs (he had some issues hanging it) but zero dollars! 🙂

Quite typical for our household!

20 thoughts on “Repurposed Window

  1. Your creativity always amazes me – the window hanging is so unique and looks great. Happy belated b-day, I should have thought of you since Kerri celebrated her 19th the same day. Was a bury week-end for us . Anthony left for Peru Monday, so we had a combined b-day and farewell party for them. BTW – 30 is wonderful. Enjoy each stage – the next one will be here all to soon.Love you all, LBK

  2. Love! Love! Love the window!!!! It creates a beautiful sitting area. Please allow me to introduce myself…I am a friend of Janelle S. I live in NC and am working with YWAM. My dear friend, neighbor, fellow ywammer, is a friend of your sister-in-law Amy. (I do not think the world can get much smaller!) I love popping in from time to time to check on you, the kiddos and your great finds. Enjoy your evening!…a long distance friend

  3. The best idea ever with the old window, I may have to render my own version on my front porch!! Love your cute blog! I don't think I've ever visited before, I shall surely be checking back in on you. Your children are adorable.. enjoy the sox's off them before they are off to college!!!! xoxo~Kathy @ Stop in would love to visit with you…

  4. I love seeing unique ways to re-purpose things — you came up with a great use for the old window :-)I took a stained glass class a few years ago. We used old windows and glued on pieces of coloured glass with clear epoxy. You can see examples of the windows here: here: be a project you'd like to try if you happen to have any other old windows around :-)By the way, I actually really like your railing!! The circle motif is great :-)Kelly @ DesignTies

  5. I love this! It is so perfect for that space. Old windows are great for so many things. This is my first time visiting your blog and have enjoyed reading many of your older posts.

  6. Hello Aimee – this is such a great idea! I have a bunch of old windows I "rescued" and not a clue of what to do with them. Thank you for the inspiration!Blessings,Marie

  7. I love it when the light bulb goes on and my face lights up and my husband looks at me and says, "Oh, Oh!" All I can see is the look on your husband's face and I cannot stop smiling. Inspired, free, recyled idea. You hit it out of the park….. SCORE!

  8. I'm shocked that you think of your railing as dog-ugly! With the window beside it and the rose climbing up, there is something about it that works perfectly. It's retro and stylish. I looked at your photo before reading what you thought about the railing and I immediately thought how wonderful the railing looked. Without your touches, the railing might have been unattractive, but now, it's a part of the wow factor!

  9. that's great! the rose bush and the window totally detract from the railing…. our house has the same type- I know what you mean about wanting to get rid of it- I think when that time comes for us, we're going to have to get a new porch as well…. 😛

  10. love, love, LOVE the window on your porch!!! It works SO great in that spot, like it was made for it! Don't worry your roses will cover up your metal raliling in no time! 🙂 Love the wreath on your window too, so adorable!!

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