The Latest Vintage Finds

I’ve had some good luck recently picking up some vintage items that I totally don’t need but just couldn’t pass up. Know what I mean?

My Mother-In-Law gave me a few aprons that her mother made for her – too sweet! They remind me of Lucy cooking in her little NYC kitchen.

Of course, they would look much better if someone would model them, but I’m not going to humiliate myself (or my belly) and post pictures of me wearing them. It looks hilarious!

I love old books and display some of them on a shelf in my office…

Old sewing notions found at a yard sale…

An antique fan found for a bargain at $1 at an antique store in Walnut Creek, Ohio…

I thought these lamps were so sweet! I bought the bases at a yard sale this summer and just found these adorable shades at Goodwill to replace the broken ones that were on the lamps. This is in Avery’s room…

And lastly, I just picked up this little table (I have a THING for little tables!) at Goodwill and thought it would work well with my Christmas decorations on the side porch.

4 thoughts on “The Latest Vintage Finds

  1. Love your vintage finds! Hope all is going well…I just had a baby three months ago and I was a crazy cleaner…in a way it is great to get so much done before the baby comes!Jillian

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