All-Girl Bedroom

Avery’s new “big-girl” room has been a work-in-progress for me this summer, and it’s been so much fun! I’m not quite finished yet, but I thought I’d share what I’ve done so far.

I decided to go with a vintage look with lots of pinks and neutral colors. Originally, this room had the most hideous John Deer green trim color with white walls. I softened the look quite a bit by painting the walls Baked Brie (Olympic) and the trim Horseradish (also Olympic).

I found the rub-on word art at Hobby Lobby and just had to snatch it up! The window came from hub’s parents’ farm – it was already a really nice old green color, so I didn’t even need to paint it! I’d still like to find appropriately-sized shutters to go on either side of it.

My mom picked up the little bookcase at Goodwill, and I painted pink and distressed it.

She also had found the bed at Goodwill and I love it! It’s a big bed for such a little girl (queen size), but she’s adjusted very well to it. We wanted to keep a larger bed in the room to use for guests. And, to be honest, I just loved this bed too much not to use it!

My grandpa made this dresser for my mom when she was younger, and she didn’t have room for it anymore, so she gave it to me. I updated it by painting it white and changing out the drawer pulls. It made a huge difference!

The hardware floor was very worn and stained, so I just decided to paint over it. It’s a bit of a pain to maintain, because scratches become very visible, but I really like the light color.

I found the sweet little side table for a couple of dollars at a yard sale last year. I painted it pink and distressed it, like the bookcase. Oh, and I bought the bedding in the clearance section at Ross. Love that store!

Like I said, the room is a work-in-progress, so there are still a few things I’d like to do, but overall, I’m happy with how it’s turning out.

Three cheers for little girls and pink!

14 thoughts on “All-Girl Bedroom

  1. Oh, Aimee, what a beautiful room! I love everything about it. I’m making a note of the wall and trim colors; they are lovely. Your floors turned out so well too. When your sweet princess starts having friends sleep over, she will love having the big bed. Was this room also your nursery for the princess? Will the new baby have a different room? (I guess I should just come out and say I’d love to see the new baby’s room too!)

  2. Looks lovely , what a lucky girl. Keep your eye out for some long drapes I am seeing a soft green like the frame or perhaps the lavender from the rug, you would need a nice long rod so that the drapes could sit off to either side of the window so that it won’t block it or the heating , as well so that you can close them for darkening , just an idea for you . Hope things are going well with your pregnancy , my poor SIL is having so much round ligament pain , any suggestions for that ?Thanks Chris

  3. love it, love it, love it.very girlie, but “grown-up” all in one. i may need to use your help when it comes time to do a big girl room for our maddie. i’ve got some ideas going already, but could use your creativity. well done.

  4. You have a created a beautiful “big girl” room for Avery! I love that you re-used things, shopped at thrift stores…it makes it so much more original than just ordering up a perfect set. That bed is heavenly…lucky you, and Avery!Lindaxoxo

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