Design Star

Did you catch Sunday’s night’s edition of Design Star on HGTV? I haven’t been following the show, but, wow, I’m glad I caught this one!

The designers styled hotel suites after country music star Sara Evan’s home, which is beautiful! Very cozy, relaxed & comfy!

I just loved the style of the rooms – I’m inspired!

8 thoughts on “Design Star

  1. I really need to find out if that show is available on my HGTV channel!!I had a good laugh at your post about your hubby’s attempt to throw out your salvaged finds! I also love your new coffee table!Stop by, if you have a chance…I’m hosting a “perfectly imperfect” week, and I’d love you to participate!!Have a great week!Linda

  2. I know, I was squealing when I watched this! So often HGTV has interesting shows, but nothing I’d like to mimic in my own home. But these rooms were awsome.

  3. I love your blog! Our names are spelled exactly alike. I don’t know about you, but I do not find that very often. I have two daughters, and I live in the country too. I too like to change things up in my house. However, I do not have all the talent you do. I cannot find and change things like you can. Well I didn’t mean to write a book. I just really enjoyed in reading your blog. Another Aimee

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