More Bedroom Makeover

So here are some more pics of our bedroom. Above is the door to our pitifully SMALL closet! (don’t you just feel sorry for me??) 🙂 And I only get to use HALF of it! (whine, whine…)

This is the material I used to make a cushion for the chest. I bought it at Joanne Fabrics.

Vases from Ikea…

I had these old brass curtain rods ever since we were married (almost 9 years), so instead of buying new ones, I just painted them black with a hammered finish. I was happy with how they turned out – especially since they didn’t cost anything! I bought the curtains, which are Waverly, at a fabric outlet for 30% off – cheap!

Pillow shams & bedding…

I had so much fun working on this project!

Next on the list:
-Downstairs coat closet
-Laundry room

(in my world, the list NEVER ends!! and that’s just how I like it!)

One thought on “More Bedroom Makeover

  1. Your bedroom turned out AMAZING! Love how you draped the bed as your solution to lightening it up. But I say paint it if you really really want too. They’ll get over it. Everything looks so relaxing. You did a great job and I love that it was thrifty.

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