Chalkboard Project

A while ago I decided I wanted a small chalkboard to hang in my kitchen. Unfortunately, I also decided that I didn’t want to spend any money for one. 🙂

So I thought I’d make one out of an old window. I found one along the side of the road for free…

I painted the trim white and sprayed chalkboard paint onto the glass. I also added some hooks on the bottom to hang an apron or two. Here’s what it looks like…

9 thoughts on “Chalkboard Project

  1. What a great find!I did the same thing this week with an 11×14 picture frame. I took out the glass and sprayed it with a can of chalkboard paint, painted the frame creamy white and when finished sat it on an easel on my kitchen counter. Mine says “Le Menu” and lists the evenings dinner!

  2. LOVE your idea for the window frame! I’ve always wanted to try out chalkboard paint. Is it difficult to use? Please stop by my blog where you will see my window frame re-purposed into a pink chenille message board! Hope to hear from you!

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